Yes, welcome to my trail of baby steps and stumbles as I enter the world of web pages, blogs and postings; a world where “Poetry Matters;” a world where words  (hopefully) elicit emotions in the reader and the writer; and where opinions may differ but don’t destroy respect and goodwill between people of good intent. 

 Rereading that first sentence in light of today’s conflicts present all around us, it is perhaps a little naive – surely not very realistic; but then, it’s my page so why shouldn’t it be a reflection of me, the writer?  What most of us write is, by necessity, an outgrowth of our experience enlarged by our imagination.  Sometimes exciting and uplifting.  At other times dull and boring, but always a reflection of ourselves and how we view the world around us. 

The best fiction that I have read echoed off of memories I had in common with the story, whether it was real like a walk in the woods or the imagined monster in the closet that kept me huddled in my bed as a child, afraid to turn off the light at the end of the chapter lest he find me tasty.  There are many reasons than merely defying our parents that kept us huddled with a flashlight under the covers, determined to find out where the story ends…and who.

This opening welcome will most likely change with time, as most things do.  But you’re invited along as observer or contributor, as you like.  Perhaps we will share a poem or two between us, recall a time not quite lost from our childhood, or merely share in the ramblings that may occur to us from time to time…or not.