Coffee House Reflections (Paperback)

Coffee House Reflections explores the allure of modern American Coffee houses.  This Norman Rockwell-esque collection of contemporary photographs and observations in verse conjures up the intoxicating experience of sipping our favorite brews, greeting friends or lovers, or enjoying a moment of solace in a warm meeting place.

Cemetery Plots, Stories Beneath the Stones (Paperback)

This unique anthology of poetry, prose and photography explores the question of death from various points of view, from the mouners left behind to the dead themselves. It offers selections ranging from the humorous to the poignant and beyond to the realm of fantasy.

About the Authors
S.J. Luke: Whether with words or photographs, S. J. Luke enjoys telling a story. Don Peery: After two families, four children, five dogs, six vocations, and forty years of pursuing a poetry avocation, this first book is a culmination of work with two friends writing. Linda Boyden: An author, storyteller and recovering elementary teacher, Boyden entered the world of children’s literature with her first picture book, “The Blue Roses” © 2002. It was the recipient of Lee & Low Books first New Voices Award, the 2003 Paterson Prize and the 2003 Wordcraft Circle of Native American Writers & Storytellers Book of the Year, Children s Literature. In 2006, she ventured into the world of adult fiction/poetry. Two of her poems won prizes at the 2006 5th Annual Pleasanton Poetry Festival. Cedar Songs, Left Behind placed First in adult poetry and Pale Eyes, Empty received an Honorable Mention Both are included in this volume.

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