My Life (and Other Bits of Nonsense)

After I turned 60, retired and started spending early morning coffee with my older sister two to three times a week, I grew to value her stories about my family that I did not remember or even knew because I was the younger child and didn’t live through the depression like they did.  Over our morning coffee, I grew to appreciate what I had missed and began ot regret that it had not been recorded to pass along to my own children.  Last year, when Wave died, those stories died with her.  My recollectionof her stories are just not clear enough for me to record and carry on. 

Likewise, over the years, I have related to my own children lessons that I have learned in living my life and talked about experiences of growing up that will not survive me except in partial, fleeting memories of my children and a few friends who might still be around.  So, I decided to write it down.  The first chapter is appended to this page.  

I intend it to be a mixture of what I remember and what I was told about life as I was growing up, and later trying to make my way in the world.  I written in both in both prose and poetry, hopefully it won’t become a numbing experience to write or to read.  I think it will be interesting to my kids and other family.  I may be of interest to some others who grew up during the same period, sort of a comparative activityas they recall their own lives.  Perhaps some few who wonder about the history of what I lived through and experienced of that time and history.  It will not be a best seller or even much reviewed in light of all the written works that abound in print and on the web, but it will be my contribution and just might survive a while longer than I. 

Or not….